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UIPM 2023 Pentathlon Junior World Championships: All you need to know

Modern Pentathlon
  • Two-time medallist Adomaityte shoulders hopes of host nation Lithuania
  • Egyptian challenge led by teenage stars Ismail and Elgendy
  • Obstacle integration continues with live TV broadcast

After two successful UIPM Youth World Championships in July, now the world’s best Under 22 pentathletes get their chance to savour the new challenge of Modern Pentathlon with the integrated Obstacle discipline.

Host nation Lithuania and Hungary will field the most competitors in the UIPM 2023 Pentathlon Junior World Championships, each bringing a 10- strong team, with Italy naming nine athletes and eight coming from Egypt, Germany, Korea and Poland.

There are three strong delegations from the Americas, with Mexico sending six athletes and Ecuador and Guatemala each providing five.

Numerous competing athletes have enjoyed breakthrough successes at senior level, while several Egyptians can already say that they have made their name.

Not least U19 world champion Malak Ismail (EGY), who became senior African champion and secured a direct qualification quota place for the Paris 2024 Olympics earlier this month, and Mohamed Elgendy (EGY), who won silver in the African Championships having finished 5th in the World Championships – on both occasions pushing his brother Ahmed all the way.

Charles Brown of Great Britain also reached the senior World Championships Final in Bath (GBR) in August. But many eyes will be on athletes who already have gold-medal pedigree on the world stage, such as 2022 U19 world champions Sumin Shin (KOR) and Moutaz Mohamed (EGY), especially as last year’s Junior champions Rebecca Castaudi of France and Mihaly Koleszar (HUN) have moved up to the senior ranks.

Local supporters will have plenty of interest to cheer, especially with two-time bronze medallist Elzbieta Adomaityte (LTU) aiming for third time lucky and coming fresh off a senior Laser Run world title in Bath (GBR).

Throughout the starting list, signs of the impact of Obstacle integration are becoming more evident as numerous athletes who performed well in the New Pentathlon Discipline Test Events in 2022 – such as Damaris Garza (MEX), Milan Csak (HUN), Poppy Clark (GBR), Connor Chow of Canada, Louison Cazaly (FRA) and Maciej Klimek (POL) – are now competing for global recognition in the full Pentathlon.

The competition will follow the sequence of Fencing – Obstacle – Swimming – Laser Run as proposed by UIPM for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games, but 36 athletes will compete in the Men’s and Women’s Finals rather than 18, as there are no Semi-finals in Druskininkai (LTU).

2023 U19 world champion Malak Ismail (EGY) Charles Brown of Great Britain also reached the senior World Championships Final in Bath (GBR) in August.

UIPM / LOC welcome

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “This will be the first UIPM Pentathlon Junior World Championships to feature the integrated Obstacle discipline, in place of Riding. After the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, this exciting new combination of five disciplines will be in place at all levels! We could already see many times that young athletes love this new challenge.

“Lithuania has a strong track record of organising high-level UIPM international competitions in all age categories. After the European U19 & U17 Championships earlier this year, Modern Pentathlon returns to Druskininkai to provide the world’s best U22 athletes with the opportunity to make history and become world champions.

“I ask all athletes to compete in a fair way and to take the opportunity to build new friendships and enjoy a social experience. Remember the spirit of Pierre de Coubertin and the Olympic values as we together enjoy the glory of our wonderful sport of Modern Pentathlon.”

President Dr Schormann’s welcome address can be read in full at the UIPM website.

Lithuania Modern Pentathlon Federation President Aistis Baronas, head of the local organising committee (LOC), added: “I am looking forward to the UIPM Junior World Championships happening in Druskininkai this year. There is no better place to relax and have a better connection with the nature.

“We are really proud of the European U17/U19 Championships that we also organized in Druskininkai in June. We have a beautiful venue that meets all Modern Pentathlon needs nowadays. Having such a beautiful venue, we hope that many athletes will return to Druskininkai with good emotions, warm memories and high goals.

“The Lithuanian Modern Pentathlon Federation was one of the first to organise Pentathlon events with the new, integrated Obstacle discipline. We hope to become one of the leading LOCs providing top level events around the Globe. I am thankful to our organising team, which is growing and gaining more and more experience so we are able to provide highest-level events. 

“Everyone is welcome to visit Lithuania and experience the beautiful and breathtaking nature!”

This is the first time a Modern Pentathlon competition with the integrated Obstacle discipline will be broadcast live.

Watch and follow

The UIPM 2023 Pentathlon Junior World Championships runs from September 12-17, beginning on Tuesday, September 12 with the Women’s and Men’s Relays.

The Women’s and Men’s Finals on September 16 and Mixed Relay on September 17 can be watched live on UIPM TV where annual subscriptions cost €14.99. This is the first time a Modern Pentathlon competition with the integrated Obstacle discipline will be broadcast live.

Visit the UIPM website or download UIPM Central from your app store to keep track of live results. Follow World Pentathlon on FacebookInstagramTikTok or X for additional content.


Competition schedule

UIPM 2023 Pentathlon Junior World Championships

(Live UIPM.TV start times in brackets in Central European Summer Time)

September 12: Women’s and Men’s Relay

September 13: Women’s Qualification

September 14: Men’s Qualification

September 15: Women’s and Men’s Fencing Ranking Round

September 16: Women’s Final (9am); Men’s Final (1.45pm)

September 17: Mixed Relay (12.45pm)