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UIPM 2024 Pentathlon World Cup Ankara & Budapest: 12 athletes with Belarus passports approved to compete as neutrals


Twelve pentathletes who hold Belarus passports, along with five coaches and two physiotherapists, have been approved to participate in a neutral capacity in UIPM 2024 Pentathlon World Cup Ankara (April 16-21) and UIPM 2024 Pentathlon World Cup Budapest (April 23-28).

Rather than representing their country of origin, any of the 12 athletes who take part in the competition (a maximum of four female and four male athletes, only in the individual category) will be designated as independent neutral athletes (AIN).

The approval relates to the second batch of applications sent to the UIPM Independent Panel, which was set up in May 2023 after UIPM created a pathway for individual athletes with Belarus or Russia passports to return to UIPM Sports competitions on a neutral basis.

The members of the Panel researched and discussed the credentials of each individual application based on eligibility criteria set by UIPM, in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and in line with the United Nations in terms of the protection of individuals’ rights.

All successful applicants have received approval of their neutral status and are eligible to compete in the second and third events of the UIPM 2024 season. Any applications for future competitions will be considered in the same way.

In making this announcement, UIPM also reiterates its absolute support for athletes and other members of the Modern Pentathlon community in Ukraine who have suffered so much since the invasion of their country by Russia, supported by Belarus.

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