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UIPM Committee Members meet to kickstart new 5th Discipline consultation process

Modern Pentathlon

Six members of UIPM’s Athletes Committee, Coaches Committee and Technical Committee met today to begin the consultation process announced by the UIPM Executive Board (EB) on November 4.

Current and incoming members of the three committees had preliminary discussions about the consultation process and were briefed by UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann as well as UIPM Vice-President Joel Bouzou and Secretary General Shiny Fang.

Timelines leading to the EB decision were discussed, as well as the timeline that will frame the consultation process.

All committee members reinforced the importance of involving the wider Modern Pentathlon community in a comprehensive global consultation, and recommended the creation of a new 5th Discipline Working Group. This group will be composed of members of the Modern Pentathlon family including athletes,coaches, technical and medical committees representatives, National Federations, competition organisers as well as experts in media and marketing.

Also, gender equality, age and geographical diversity will be key factors in the make-up of the Working Group.

Members of the committees shared proposals and discussed the transition process and especially how the change will impact on youth athletes aiming for the Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games.

Tomorrow (November 12) all current pentathletes are invited to participate in a call designed to provide them with more background on the EB decision.. The athletes will also have an opportunity to ask questions to the panel, which will include EB members and:

  • Dr Klaus Schormann – UIPM President; Honorary President of the German Modern Pentathlon Federation; Member of the IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission
  • Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr (ESP) – UIPM 1st Vice-President; IOC Member and former IOC Vice-President; Chair of the Board of Directors of Olympic Channel Services, Head of Coordination Commission for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games
  • Joel Bouzou OLY (FRA) – UIPM Vice-President; President of the World Olympians Association, Peace and Sport and the French Modern Pentathlon Federation; Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games team bronze medallist; four-time Olympian and 1987 world champion
  • Ivar Sisniega OLY (MEX) – Chair of UIPM Innovation Commission and former UIPM 1st Vice-President; Secretary General of Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO); 3-time Olympian in Modern Pentathlon

UIPM again acknowledges the concerns of members of the community expressed in the wake of last week’s decision.

The Union would also like to thank all the National Federations who have expressed support for the Executive Board decision.