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UIPM launches #LaserAllStars and arranges Finals for September 9, 2020

  • Athletes prepare for first global laser-shooting knockout competition
  • Finals to coincide with 3rd Pierre de Coubertin Pentathlon Day
  • Nations still have time to register ahead of July 22 deadline

The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) has launched a new virtual laser-shooting competition aimed at bringing the global UIPM Sports community together online.

The creation of #LaserAllStars follows the popular #LaserHomeRun event that took place in May when most of the world was in lockdown due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Since then, numerous UIPM member federations have launched their own virtual laser competitions, leading the global governing body to establish an umbrella identify for the concept and set up a qualification system that adds relevance to each national and regional competition.

The 11 countries that have engaged with the idea so far include Ecuador, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hungary, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, South Africa and Turkey. Registration to #LaserAllStars remains open to all National Federations until July 22.

The new concept consists only of laser shooting, one of the five disciplines of the Modern Pentathlon and a competitive cornerstone of all UIPM Sports except Biathle.

The knockout format is designed to recreate the tension and drama of laser shooting in the competition arena. Two athletes meet face-to-face online and take turns to shoot at five targets in each round. The winner of the most rounds advances in the competition and the loser is eliminated.

The world’s first #LaserAllStars champions will be crowned when UIPM stages the inaugural Finals on September 9, 2020 – coinciding with the 3rd Pierre de Coubertin Pentathlon Day.

Before that, athletes who have earned the right to compete through national competitions will meet in qualification rounds will be staged on August 7 & 8 – exactly one year before the culmination of the Modern Pentathlon competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (now taking place in 2021).

There will be female and male categories across four age groups as follows:

  • Youth (Under 15)
  • Junior (Under 22)
  • Senior (Under 40)
  • Masters (40+)

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “The world of sport is going through a period of major disruption and I am proud to see that so many National Federations have already been proactive in offering ways for their communities to take part in competitions online.

“The UIPM #LaserAllStars will allow athletes from all countries to come together on a very special day for our sporting movement. The inaugural Finals will be a wonderful highlight of the 3rd Pierre de Coubertin Pentathlon Day on September 9, 2020.

“I encourage all National Federations to register for UIPM #LaserAllStars so that their athletes can participate in this global celebration of laser shooting, which has enabled UIPM to make our sporting movement safer, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly since we began to introduce and develop the concept in 2008.

“Laser shooting and especially Laser Run has given our sport a new urban dimension, and the technology gives all participants the flexibility to be able to shoot in their own homes!”

UIPM Executive Board Member for Media, two-time Olympic medallist Andrejus Zadneprovskis, said: “As this global crisis continues we have a responsibility to keep the global UIPM Sports community united, motivated and active.

“After the success of #LaserHomeRun we are excited to launch #LaserAllStars – a knockout laser-shooting concept that I know is going to be thrilling for competitors and audiences alike.

“We see social media as a vital resource in enabling our community to meet online, compete with each other and have fun.

“I’m delighted to see that so many National Federations have already embraced virtual laser shooting and I hope the prospect of the first #LaserAllStars Finals on September 9 will encourage many others to get involved.”

More information about #LaserAllStars can be found at


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