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UIPM recognises Level 4 coaches and launches new handbook

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A ceremony was held in Cairo (EGY) during the UIPM 2017 Senior World Championships to recognise the first group of UIPM Level 4 elite-level coaches and to launch UIPM's first coaching handbook, “Start Coaching Modern Pentathlon”.

In 2015 UIPM created the Coaches Certification Programme (CCP) with a core belief that human resources are the most important part of an institution.

The UIPM intends to guarantee that better overall conditions continue to lead to a sustainable sport in the future and coaches are a fundamental part of that.

The CCP presents the basic skills and requirements of an international pentathlon coaching pathway and recognises and rewards professional achievement.

To that end, the knowledge gained in achieving Coaches Level 1 (Development Coach), Level 2 (UIPM Coach), Level 3 (Senior Coach) and Level 4 (Elite Coach) is critical to the development of the pentathlete and the sport, as well as for the organisation.

In 2016, the UIPM began the official implementation of the CCP, which had been tested on various occasions in 2015, especially for Level 1 courses; in 2017,  the teaching body successfully conducted Level 2 courses in Prague (CZE) in July during the UIPM Under 19 World Championships and in Merida (MEX) the following week.

From 2018, more courses will be conducted including Level 3 and 4 for both senior and junior coaches.

The first 5 coaches to be awarded the Level 4 elite rank were:

  • Christian ROUDAUT (FRA) - Fédération Française de Pentathlon Moderne (French Modern Pentathlon Federation), Technical Director
  • Jan BARTU (CZE) - Pentathlon GB, Performance Director
  • Janusz PECIAK (POL) - USA Pentathlon, Head Coach
  • Samy AWAD (EGY) - Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Federation, National Coach
  • Alexandre FRANÇA (BRA) - Brazil National Team Head Coach (until 2016)

Jan Bartu said: "It has been a long journey for us, since 2010, and I feel thankful that the coaching community is recognised and feels valued by our institution. This programme is the opportunity for our sport to grow and to support coaches everywhere.

"I further invite all of you to take part in the 2017 World Modern Pentathlon Coaches Conference taking place November 10-12. This is an unique and amazing opportunity to coaches from all over the world to learn and share their experiences."

The second part of the ceremony celebrated the release of "Start Coaching Modern Pentathlon", a comprehensive handbook written by some of the most experienced Modern Pentathlon coaches. It was presented by Dr Klaus Schormann, UIPM President as well as Janusz Peciak, UIPM Executive Board Member for Sport.

Besides dedicated chapters to each of the five disciplines, the book demonstrates a series of concepts related to coaches’ competencies, specific training principles, didactics, talent recruitment, physiology, among others. The subjects are totally focused on the specificities of Modern Pentathlon such as training loads, recovery, athlete’s mental requirements, individualisation of programs and training methods.

President Schormann said : "I am very proud to stand here tonight in front of all of you and to recognise the hard work of some of our most experienced coaches.

"I would like to thank Mr Sharif Elerian, President of the Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Federation, for hosting us here in Cairo and I am very happy to know that some of our former Olympians and top athletes are now getting involved in spreading the development of our great sport to the younger generations and most importantly to the world.

"This book gives a chance to everyone, no matter from where they come from, to get involved in the pentathlon community. I therefore invite all of you and the wider family to read and reflect, to bring your ideas to the table so we never stop improving." 

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