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  • Safeguarding Policy offers protection from harassment, abuse and exploitation
  • Athletes Committee adopts principles of IOC athletes’ rights pledge
  • Introduction to Coaching Obstacle offers training expertise

UIPM has launched an updated Athletes Safeguarding Policy (ASP) as part of its commitment to fostering a secure and supportive environment for athletes worldwide.

The ASP encompasses a comprehensive set of measures and initiatives designed to prevent harassment, abuse and exploitation within the realm of Modern Pentathlon. This policy establishes a robust framework that mandates adherence from all UIPM National Federations.

The ASP aligns with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus Statement on harassment and abuse (non-accidental violence) in sport (2016) and follows the guidelines set forth in its Toolkit for International Federations and National Olympic Committees.

It contains extended definitions of safeguarding, harassment and abuse, providing a more nuanced understanding of these critical issues. The ASP also includes links to valuable resources from key stakeholders, including the IOC, Athlete365 and the United Nations. These resources aim to disseminate additional information and educational materials on safeguarding, creating a knowledge-sharing network for athletes and stakeholders alike.

A dedicated chapter within the updated ASP focuses on the UIPM Safeguarding Officer, underlining the Union's commitment to transparency and accountability. This officer will play a pivotal role in overseeing the implementation of the safeguarding measures and act as a point of contact for athletes, ensuring that their concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

As UIPM takes this proactive step towards safeguarding, athletes can expect a safer and more secure sporting environment that prioritises their safety and well-being, on and off the field of play.

Left to right: IOC Athletes’ Commission Member and three-time Olympian Aya Medany, UIPM Athletes Committee Chair and London 2012 Olympian Yasser Hefny, Brazil NOC Chair and London 2012 Olympic bronze medallist Yane Marques, UIPM Education & Projects Manager Anfisa Kasyanova and Mexico NOC Chair and Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medallist Ismael Hernandez attending an International Athletes Forum in Paris (FRA)



The UIPM Athletes Committee has adopted the principles of the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration – a pledge created by the International Olympic Committee to support the human rights of the Olympic athlete community.


UIPM Athletes Committee Chair, Yasser Hefny OLY, said: “As a representative body we are eager to support any mechanism that protects and enshrines the rights of all athletes to practise sport free of discrimination and manipulation.


“The AC is delighted to officially get behind the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration and we look forward to supporting pentathletes around the world to ensure this pledge respects and promotes their human rights within the context of sport.”


Working closely together, UIPM and the AC have provided the following initiatives to back up their shared commitment to athlete support, inside and outside of the Athlete Centred Programme (ACP):

  • Educational activities including Athlete Forum at the UIPM 2023 U17 World Championships in Alexandria (EGY) with 60 participants
  • Materials and tools created for athlete performance and career advancement made available on UIPM Educational Platform
  • Constant sharing of Athlete365 opportunities* and services for athletes’ dual career and career transition via UIPM social media and National Federation athletes representatives. This led to elite pentathlete Paolo Singh (FRA) being selected for the IOC Athlete365 mentoring programme and Krystina Ryabova (KAZ) completing Athlete365 Business Accelerator
  • Participation of Yasser Hefny OLY in the International Athletes Forum in Lausanne (SUI)
  • Athlete365 CV-writing workshops at UIPM 2023 Junior World Championships in Druskininkai (LTU) with 25 participants
  • Athlete365 Self-discovery workshops online with 20 participants.

* One of the Athlete365 opportunities that UIPM continues to promote is a course entitled Preventing Competition Manipulation, available by clicking this link.




As part of its ongoing commitment to the development and evolution of Modern Pentathlon in the Obstacle era, UIPM is dedicated to providing support to its National Federations (NFs) during the transition period and is actively engaged in facilitating Obstacle training for coaches and athletes.

In 2023, UIPM provided training tips and videos, laying the groundwork for a smooth integration of the Obstacle discipline. Following the implementation experiences gained during the UIPM 2023 U17, U19 and Junior World Championships, discussions with on-site coaches revealed a need for additional tools and guidelines.

This led to the creation of a new publication entitled Introduction to Coaching Obstacle, a technical manual that builds upon the earlier UIPM Obstacle Training Tips published in the 2022/23 off-season, offering a more in-depth and sophisticated approach to preparing pentathletes for the new discipline.

With a blend of written, photographic and video content. UIPM envisions that this comprehensive resource will be widely used by NFs, athletes and coaches, empowering the global community to embrace the future of the sport with this exciting discipline.

Beyond this provision of direct support for athletes, since December UIPM has furnished the community with the following resources:

  • 11 Dec: a report to NFs telling the story of the Obstacle implementation in the 2023 season
  • 13 Dec: launch of Introduction to Coaching Obstacle
  • 20 Dec: launch of NF Integration Guidelines, providing a framework for UIPM and FISO-registered NFs to work together
  • 21 Dec: launch of Obstacle National Competition Kit, giving UIPM-registered NFs a cheaper and simpler structure to make Obstacle competition accessible at national and regional level
  • 5 Jan: launch of UIPM Obstacle Competition & Equipment Guidelines, a unified version of the existing Obstacle Catalogue and Competition Guidelines with updates for 2024 


UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “I commend the efforts made to support our athletes every year but especially as we head into the Olympic year of 2024, when the hard work of 72 athletes will be rewarded with the honour of becoming Olympians besides many other opportunities for athletes to compete at all levels of Modern Pentathlon.


“I wish all senior athletes success in their bid to qualify for Paris 24, always remembering their commitment to respect and fair play. I would like to underline once again that sport is a strong pillar for a more peaceful world, and the centenary Olympic Games Paris 2024 will be a powerful demonstration of how the Olympic Movement can unite the world in friendship and peace.”


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