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The company Pentashot was founded in 2011 as a small family-owned business based in Ostrava, the third largest city in the Czech Republic, in the North Moravia region. The company develops and manufactures equipment for laser shooting and the results of top athletes all over the world as the gold medal of Laura Asadauskaite and David Svoboda at the London Olympics 2012 are a proof of reliability and quality of the products. See full products list Pentashot products catalogue 2021 .

IQ equipment stays in the Modern Pentathlon world as the most flexible, precise, safe and cost efficient equipment for sportshooting like lasershooting.

Eko-Aims Ltd is a Finnish company that has manufactured optical sport shooting systems technology since 1995. It’s products are completely bulletless and noiseless, and enable safe, easy and low-cost practicing of shooting. When UIPM decided in 2009 to turn to optical shooting in the combined event, Eko-Aims developed laser-products, which include barrel replacement units for air pistols and complete pistols. See full products list here .

Founded in 1947, Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH has been a successful player in domestic and international markets for more than seventy years. The company today ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of ultra-precise optical and multi-sensor measuring instruments. Keeping this precious key in shape is Schneider’s constant commitment, embracing this challenge with a keen sense of responsibility, meticulous accuracy and strong innovative power. Optical measurement technology is Schneider’s core competency and the company has fed all their knowledge in the field of high-precision detection, analysis and data evaluation into the development of accurate and reliable laser targets. In 2010 the PLT was the only homologated laser target and used for the introduction of laser shooting during Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. In 2015 with the new technical requirements form UIPM, Schneider's target again was homologated as precise laser target. To complete the range of laser targets, Schneider had homologated in 2016 a hit & miss laser target for entry level use but with unique upgrade possibilities as well. The 2016 season incl. the Olympic Games in Rio were an outstanding success of the new PLT2 target and laser shooting in Modern Pentathlon – SIMPLY PRECISE!                                                                                                         

ALS - Starting as a partner of Operate-IQ in 2010, Simon Froehlich (the head of ALS) built with the help of a couple of specialists a laser precision target like never seen before - the SmartPLT. In late 2016 this product goes with numerous unique features into the market and is available for everyone. Simon Froehlich collected a lot of experience while travelling 2011 with the UIPM world cup series and supply support for the Operate-IQ equipment. Now in 2016 we are working still together as Operate-IQ is also able to supply support for our equipment. Our goal is to make lasershooting usable for everyone and this with the best possible technical equipment. Please visit and convince yourself...


We are specialist for the production of laser weapons and target devices. APEOM was founded in 2000. The company's main mission is development and production of equipment for optical shooting. Our company's products were used during their victory at the 2012 Olympics in London by pentathlonists David Svoboda and Laura Asadauskaite. Please visit


HIGUN (Shanghai) Sports Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 and is a company committed to using technology to create safe shooting sports.  The founders of both companies were once China's top athletes and  coaches. They used in-depth understanding of sports to integrate design language and technological strength to create top modern pentathlon shooting equipment.

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