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Coaches Certification Program

Human resources are the most important part of an institution. The UIPM intends to guarantee that better overall conditions continue to lead to a sustainable sport in the future and we have created as part of our educational plan, the Coaches Certification Programme. The programme presents the basic skills and requirements of an International Pentathlon Coach and recognizes and rewards professional achievement.

There are four Certification Levels (1, 2, 3 and 4) regulated by the rules shown in the document below. These rules are the guidelines for coaches all over the world who can pursue their careers within clear parameters, evolving gradually through the knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively perform their role.

Knowledge gained in achieving Coaches Level 1 (Development Coach), Level 2 (Coach), Level 3 (Senior Coach) and Level 4 (Elite Coach) is critical to the development of the pentathlete, the UIPM’s most important function.

It is the hope of the UIPM that all NFs will encourage their coaches to be part of this programme and dedicate the important time necessary to complete the different stages in order to develop even more citius, altius and fortius athletes.

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Coaches Certification Programme - English version

Coaches Certification Programme - French version

Coaches Certification Programme - Spanish version

Coaches Certification Programme - Russian version

Coaches Certification Programme - Chinese Version

Recognition System - NFs Coach Education Programmes

UIPM certified coaches by level  - Updated 08 August 2023

UIPM certified coaches by nation  - Updated 08 August 2023

UIPM Coaches code of conduct






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