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UIPM 2015 World School Biathlon Rankings

World Schools Biathlon

Please find in the following links the UIPM World Rankings for the UIPM 2015 World School Biathlon. (WSB 2015 – World Ranking) In the following link, you can find the statistics of this 2015 edition showing the popularity of this competition in schools. You can also find the Top 8 of each category per gender. (WSB 2015 – Statistics and Records) There were 1291 young athletes competing during 2015 in the UIPM World School Biathlon from 5 countries and the competition has been tough. Certificates awarding the Top 3 athletes will be sent in digital version to the respective National Federations of awarded athletes. They will be available within April latest. We hope to see you competing again in 2016 as more and more countries will integrate this UIPM competition!

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